ATOMIC SPACE NEWS #20: Relative points in space and time

Tricky February almost snuck past me!


The work this month was focused on expanding the capabilities of the trajectory plot mouseover, as well as straightening out some kinks in the backing code. Now when you mouse over it not only shows you the time frame of the object you are mousing over, but also displays marks for the positions of all the other objects at that moment in time. This should help in planning intercepts as it makes it much easier to scan back and forth over a time period to see when objects line up right.


Shown here with the UI and thus context menu turned off, because I love that neon glow.


The display can now also be frozen by clicking, making way for an interactable context menu. The context menu doesn’t currently do anything, but options I intend to explore include creating orders at the selected time, copying the time to a currently selected order, and selecting the nearest order forward or backward in time. I’m a big fan of context menus as a GUI feature in general, so getting this working is pretty exciting for me.


That’s all, see you next month.

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