ATOMIC SPACE NEWS #15: Dots ‘n Disks

Previously all objects were drawn as simple dots no matter the zoom level. For the largest parts of most courses this is quite sufficient, but when you get to the interesting bits near planets it can become important to see where the space ends and the ground or sky begins. At present there is still no collision with the ground, but object size is now stored and, if viewed closely enough to visible, displayed. I’ve found it provides a nice reference point for scale when you get close to things and the curve of large orbits falls away.

Here’s some looks at familiar locations in the solar system.

Beyond that, I’ve been able to refine some aspects of UI responsiveness and resilience based on tester feedback, as well as iron out kinks in my build preparing scripts. Nothing very exciting, but the game plays a little better as a result now. Reminder, if you’re interested in testing you can still fill out the form.

Finally, this weekend I’ll be participating in the 42nd Ludum Dare, a 48 hour game jam. It starts at 5pm central time(GMT-5), about 4 hours from time of writing. In the past I’ve found it to be a very valuable exercise. I will be attempting to stream my efforts with it via my twitch channel, and if that for whatever reason proves impractical I will be updating through my twitter, if you are interested in following my progress. When it’s done I’ll edit this section as is appropriate.

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