User interface/user experience is important to any game, even though some games manage to limp along with pretty bad interfaces. The Atomic Space Projects in particular will most likely live or die on interface, presenting as many aides and visualization tools as possible to make the alien and complex problem of orbital mechanics more approachable.

The interface of Atomic Space Race has been a slowly growing pile of elements shoved into random corners of the screen as they’re implemented, to just get things on the screen. That’s been productive but makes for a mess that’s hard for people who aren’t me to navigate. And even if you know where everything is, you need to cross the entire screen constantly when doing common things. That’s entirely no good.

old interface
How it was
new interface
How it is

So here you can see the reorganized user interface. For the most part the functionality is the same as the old, but things are a lot saner. I got tired of the grey look, so while I was at it I splashed some color on the interface.

This is by no means the final form of the user interface, either in function or look, but getting it to testers has shown a big step up in usability.

To cap this off I’ve put together an updated narrated video, since the old one didn’t have the bloom and newer UI.