Atomic Space News #4: New demonstration video

This month I got the plotting controls to a point where I could make a relatively smooth video with them, and then made that video. The video is also narrated, which required some expansion of video editing and recording skills. That’ll come in handy down the line. The video is below, and will take the place of the old video on the landing page for the site. It’s meant to serve as a good entry point for the project, explaining what the game is and how it’s played.

The run-up to that video saw some more tweaks to how the view controls behave, which are best seen in the video. Beyond that most of my efforts this month have been towards getting implementing multiple levels. This is a bit tricky, because at present I don’t really have a level file format, and all my file input/output code to date is a bit rough. I need to figure out a lot about what data makes up a level, and how best to structure that. That’s an ongoing process, but once done I think it’ll be a big step towards taking Atomic Space Race out of the prototype phase.

That’s all for this month. See you next month.