The ATOMIC SPACE PROJECT is a trio of interconnected programs in active development.

ATOMIC SPACE NAVY is a game of war on a solar system scale, taking into account the immense ranges, speeds, and time spans involved. It eschews the standard cinematic shortcuts of typical visual science fiction and focuses on presenting a realism-based scenario as engagingly and approachably as possible. 

ATOMIC SPACE RACE is an orbital mechanics puzzle game about finding the best course to achieve your given objectives. In addition to being a game in its own right it as a proving ground for the technologies and interfaces needed by ATOMIC SPACE NAVY.

ATOMIC SPACE TOOLS is a collection of tools made during the creation of ASN and ASR to aid in their development and the development of content for them. It is presented as both a way to get early feedback on the systems of the ATOMIC SPACE PROJECT and as a resource for sci-fi creators interested in making physically plausible scenarios.

 Current development focuses on ATOMIC SPACE RACE, with TOOLS improvements occurring along the way. ATOMIC SPACE NAVY development will begin in earnest after ATOMIC SPACE RACE is complete. Check out the news section for the latest, or the individual project pages for related media or releases.